Aquarium of the Pacific

A few months ago, I did this 5k run in Long Beach. Side note: I love doing these runs because of all the free swag you get for participating! Plus, some portion of the registration fee usually goes to a charity or good cause. And of course – it’s great exercise! Anyway, one of the freebies I scored from this particular run was a $5 admission coupon for the Aquarium of the Pacific. Adult tickets run around $30 so I had to take advantage of that voucher! Here are some pictures from my visit:


I wasn’t lying about that $5 admission! Total score.

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All Things Snail

When I first got into K-beauty years ago, I didn’t know anything about ingredients. I just tried different brands and stuck to what worked for me. But once I started to research what went into these products, I’ll admit that I was initially weirded out. Like what is propolis?? Peat comes from where?? (LOL look up that last ingredient if you don’t already know what it is).

I’ve now come to overlook these seemingly strange ingredients. Instead, I just appreciate what they actually do for the skin. For example: snail mucin! There’s a reason skincare brands use snail mucin in some of their products: turns out, it’s quite restorative (read more info here). My friend, who also happens to love K-beauty, is still weirded out by the thought of putting anything snail on her face – but I’m not! Here are a few snail mucin items I’ve tried out recently:

Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream


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Weekend Snaps

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling pretty refreshed thus far in 2018! Perhaps it’s the new year. I’m suddenly all about cleansing, whether it be finally ditching clothes I haven’t worn in years or getting rid of some dead weight in my life. I guess we all do a little purge around the beginning of the year, right? Anyway, I’ll still continue to take pleasure in the little things…like this picture-perfect rose that bloomed seemingly overnight in my aunt’s garden:


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