See You Soon…

…The Netherlands, Belgium, and France! I got my euros in and had to take a picture because they are so much prettier than US bills (seriously, we need to step it up).


Although we already have plans on most of the days, I would love to hear from all of you wonderful travelers out there – any recommendations (particularly in Amsterdam and/or Bruges)? Any places I must see, things I must do, or food I must eat? Perhaps most importantly, any suggestions on where to get a good cup of coffee will be greatly appreciated!

Oh and we stop off in The UK for a bit as well! Yep, pounds are prettier than US dollars too.



3 thoughts on “See You Soon…

  1. Becky | Been There, Seen That, Got the Postcard says:

    The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is amazing! There are long queues during the day (I’ve heard rumours of 2-3 hours!) but if you go in the evening the queue is often way shorter or no queue at all! And the Belfry Tower in Bruges is a must! There are places to stop on the way up, so don’t let the number of steps intimidate you! Views from the top are stunning!

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