I really fell in love with this little fishing town in North Holland called Volendam. It was so quaint and picturesque, and was a nice departure from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. I wish I had taken more pictures of the actual town itself, but instead I have a ton of pictures of this beautiful windmill we saw in town…so enjoy!






After exploring the town for a bit, we had lunch along the waterfront where there were a good deal of shops, restaurants, and food stands. As I mentioned before, Volendam is a fishing town and is known for incredible seafood. We had our hearts set on trying out the seafood for lunch…until we saw a sign for pea soup in the restaurant we were at. It might have been due to the fact that we were all freezing, but pea soup sounded amazing at the time. It was delicious so I have no regrets!


Well, that’s the last of our time in The Netherlands…Belgium, you’re up next!

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