The Princely Beguinage Ten Wijngaarde


Believe it or not, this stunning place is a convent! You can read a little about it here. I stumbled across it randomly while wandering around Bruges by myself on our first day, then came back with my travel mates the next day.


It’s open to the public (I can’t recall the hours, but visitors are free to roam the courtyard during the day as long as they are quiet) and boasts a little field of daffodils in the center.






We came here in the early morning when the light was still hazy – it was almost surreal! As we were roaming the grounds, one of the sisters was in the field picking daffodils. Once she finished, she smiled at us as she made her way back to one of the houses, bouquet of daffodils in hand. I’ll probably always remember that moment…one of my favorites of the trip!


Well, I hate to say goodbye to this little gem of a city, but that’s a wrap on Bruges! Not to worry, though – I’ve got a bunch of photos from Paris up next. x


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