Micheltorena Stairs

Aren’t those steps pretty? Minus the trash on the ground, of course. Earlier this year I was reading this blog post and thought, wow – I like that staircase! Given my love of street art (as evidenced here and here), I knew that I had to find this hidden gem.

So I did some digging (Google is seriously the best) and found that these lovely stairs are tucked away in a semi-residential area of Silver Lake. I was recently in the vicinity with some time to kill and hopped on over to check it out. These stairs would make for an excellent bum workout, am I right??

Bonus picture: even the trash bin near the stairs was pretty.

FYI, the stairs are located at the intersection of Micheltorena St. and Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake. More info on Yelp.

6 thoughts on “Micheltorena Stairs

  1. Cherrie says:

    I use to go to school at Micheltorena Elementary. These stairs were a daily hike home for me (some 40 odd years ago or so..) My mom and I called it “The Feet Street”… Great memories. The whole Silver Lake community was filled with artists, musicians and generally interesting people.

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