Recent Additions to My Beauty Bag

The Face Shop Calming Seed 1-Second Mist Toner


As mentioned here, I’ve been meaning to try the Calming Seed line from The Face Shop for a while now. I thought I’d start out with the 1-second mist toner, since I recently polished off yet another bottle of my go-to Lush toner (I’ve tried all of their toners but my favorite is Breath of Fresh Air). Plus, my friend gave me a coupon for The Face Shop (thanks, girl!) so you know, it was an excuse to do a little shopping.


The Face Shop Calming Seed Soothing Cream

So after trying the aforementioned toner (and liking it), I thought I’d also check out the Calming Seed cream. Turns out there’s a fairly new store literally right down the street from my place, which is potentially bad news for my wallet. But I digress!


Trader Joe’s Pomegranate Body Butter

Okay so I am new to the world of beauty from Trader Joe’s. I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to try something though, given that I shop there all the time. I think I just get distracted by the food. Priorities, people!

Well, my friend and fellow Trader Joe’s devotee clued me in on their body butter; she’s tried both the coconut and the pumpkin scents. I was like, hold the phone – I can moisturize AND smell like a pumpkin pie at the same time? Sold. Turns out the pumpkin body butter is seasonal, only for the fall as you might assume. I sadly missed out on the pumpkin but was able to snag the pomegranate body butter (which is also seasonal, only around in the winter).


The verdict: I don’t think the word “obsessed” can begin to describe my love for this body butter. I’ve been applying it a lot these days because a) it makes my skin super soft and b) it smells so good. I’m pretty bummed this product is seasonal. Perhaps I should stock up?


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