Nail Polish Haul

New (to me) polishes.


A friend’s sister recently moved out of state and was in a massive rush to get rid of a bunch of her belongings. When she asked if I wanted a pick at her epic nail polish stash, the words were barely out of her mouth when I greedily replied, “HECK YES”.


Most (if not all) of her polishes were barely used or new, and you’ll notice that she had some pretty high quality polishes (I managed to snag a bunch of OPI and China Glaze). It’s beyond me why she didn’t want to keep this loot, but I totally get wanting a fresh start. In any event, thank you, L!


Here are all of the metallics/glitter polishes I scored:


I also grabbed a few punchy pink tones:



I’ve listed the polishes, in case you’re interested:


  • In True Stefani Fashion
  • Tiffany Case
  • Come Out of Your Shell
  • Which Is Witch?
  • Get Your Number
  • Ate Berries in the Canaries
  • Suzi’s Hungary Again!

China Glaze

  • Escaping Reality
  • Bells Will Be Blinging
  • Travel in Colour
  • Mingle with Kringle
  • Your Present Required
  • Be Merry, Be Bright

Some other recent beauty hauls: one // two // three


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