New In – NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner


Welcome to my makeup stash, NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner. I had originally wanted to get a liner with a fatter tip, but alas – my local Ulta only had this liner in the NYX section.


I’m actually glad I ended up with this skinny tip liner though, because I can either do a skinny line for a more subtle look, or double up with a heavy line for a more dramatic look. Oh, and since I’m constantly messing up my eyeliner, the skinny tip makes it a breeze to correct my little mishaps.



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9 thoughts on “New In – NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner

    1. I’m not sure, but I do have extremely sensitive skin and it hasn’t irritated me at all. Definitely worth a try!

      P.S. Thanks for sharing your blog πŸ™‚ I will have to check it out!

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