Recent Additions to My Beauty Bag

The Face Shop Mango Seed Lip Care.


UGH this lip balm is $11! Call me cheap, but that is way overpriced for lip balm in my opinion. I unwittingly picked it up last time I was at The Face Shop (without looking at the price since I figured it would only be a few bucks). Well, joke’s on me because it turned out to be $11. Sigh. The silver lining is that I at least like it; the smell is lovely too.

Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant.


I actually haven’t tried this deodorant yet, but my mom swears by it. She’s been using it for nearly six months now and says she’ll never go back to using another deodorant again. The price is pretty hefty ($20), but it’s both alcohol and aluminum-free.

Stella Fiesta Makeup Sponges.


So I haven’t been able to find these sponges online (I got them from T.J. Maxx so they’re likely not in stock/season anymore), but here are a few other sponge options from [Ulta] and [Sephora].

More of my latest beauty purchases: one // two // three


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