Tuna Canyon Labyrinth

There’s a lovely area called Tuna Canyon (I have no idea why it’s named that) up in the Topanga Canyon mountains. We hiked there recently in search of the Tuna Canyon Labyrinth.

You’ll see these two poles at the entrance of the park. If you walk in and take the trail on your first left (and follow it all the way to the end), you’ll see the labyrinth! Of course, there are a handful of other trails to take in the park.

The labyrinth! Unfortunately, people have taken (or moved?) many of the stones that used to make up the labyrinth, so it was looking a little sparse:

Oh hey there, that’s me! I’m adding this picture in here for scale to show you the size of the labyrinth:

Google Maps directions to the labyrinth here. Once you get into the park, you can use the walking feature in Google Maps to guide you to the labyrinth like we did. Easy peasy.

Tuna Canyon Park
2806 Tuna Canyon Road
Topanga Canyon, CA 90290

The weather’s been perfect lately. Get out there and go on a hike! A few ideas: one // two // three


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