Ivory on Sunset


We were trying to decide on a weekend brunch place when my friend referred to trusty Eater LA (I believe we looked at this list). It didn’t take us long to select Ivory on Sunset. You know that whole “don’t judge a book by its cover” thing? Yea, we totally did. A picture of the Ivory’s gorgeous outdoor patio was all it took to seal the deal.



I wish I had snagged pictures of what my friends ate/drank, but we were starving because I was late (oops). Guess that means we’ll just have to go back!


P.S. were any of you fans of American Idol? I only tuned in for the first couple of seasons…but it was still cool to see Randy Jackson at the Ivory while we were eating. Maybe you’ll encounter a celebrity or two when you dine there?

Ivory on Sunset
(Located in the Mondrian Hotel)
8440 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Past brunch haunts: one // two // three


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