Black Friday Haul

Did you guys do any shopping this past week for Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday? I only went to the mall for a little bit because I absolutely can’t stand crowds, long lines and fighting for parking. But when you get an e-mail from Nature Republic telling you that everything in the whole store will be 20% off, you brave the mall crowd. So without further ado, here’s my Black Friday loot!


First up, I snagged a couple sheet masks.


These babies were BOGO, so I decided to get tea tree and aloe.



You know what else was BOGO? These hand cream tubes. Holy moly they have a bunch of different scents. I wanted them all.



I also picked up this eyeliner:


I tried it out the other day and I gotta say: this might be the best felt-tip eyeliner I’ve ever used. Plus it’s under $10? Way to go, Nature Republic. Oh and you know a trip to a Korean beauty store wouldn’t be complete without some samples:


Pictured above: the rose hand cream (which I had coincidentally already picked up), peach body wash and Super Aqua Max watery emulsion and toner.


Can we take a second to applaud my restraint? Just kidding. At least I made it off the couch post-Thanksgiving, though!

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