Pokémon x Tony Moly

My friends recently got back from Japan and graciously gifted me with a bunch of goodies (I’ll share more of what I got later)! I’m talking snacks and sweets galore, plus some unique beauty items. What I’m most excited to try though are these fun sheet masks:


Cute, right? They’re from Tony Moly, which is a Korean brand, but this collaboration (read all about it here and here) isn’t offered in the States. So you could do some digging on Amazon if you don’t have friends traveling to Asia anytime soon (thanks, guys)!









Were you guys into Pokémon?? I never really got into it as a kid, nor did I play Pokémon Go when it was HUGE last year…but as a lover of anything cute, these sheet masks are right up my alley!

Now excuse me while I slap on one of these masks (and I’ll probably listen to a sheet mask playlist too – such a genius idea).

A few other TonyMoly goods I’ve tried: one // two // three


7 thoughts on “Pokémon x Tony Moly

    • Ren says:

      They have different serums in them I think! The pikachu one is honey and for moisturizing, and the bulbasaur one is green tea for clarifying.

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