Naked Chicken Chips

As mentioned here, I’m a sucker for trying new, limited-edition, and often trendy food or drink items. My curiosity always gets the best of me! I give in to the hype! Never did try that Unicorn Frappuccino though…

Anyway, I read online that the infamous Taco Bell Naked Chicken was returning: in “chips” form. Yea, remember those tacos where the shell was made of crispy chicken?? I didn’t try the Naked Chicken Chalupa then, so I figured I’d try the “chips” version now. Will they stick around and become a permanent fixture on the Taco Bell menu? Or disappear, only to make a comeback a year from now? Who bloody knows! So if you’re curious like me, grab some chicken chips while you can.






Alright so they were not bad – basically like flat chicken nuggets. I probably won’t get them again though. But for only a couple bucks, it was definitely worth a try!


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