San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm

I bring you part one from my Palm Springs road trip last month! Ever since going to Coachella wayyy back when (five years ago, to be exact), I’ve wanted to check out the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm. I’ll never forget passing through that sea of windmills on our drive to Indio. But we were in a rush to get to the festival (and to be honest, squeeze in a stop at In-N-Out along the way), so I never had a chance to see these beauties up close. Until now!








Picturesque, right? I know seeing a bunch of windmills in a desert seems banal, but they’re kind of an iconic part of Palm Springs. Plus I find them to be so majestic and beautiful! You can even take a tour of the wind farm from a company like this one. Or just admire from the side of the road (like I did). Stay tuned for more from Palm Springs!

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