Love the name, LOL. My friend got me this (SPF 30!) lip balm. I thought I’d share because a) it’s a great product, and b) BITCHSTIX is an ethical company. More on that in a bit!

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Coffee Commissary


How perfect is that latte art? It dawned on me that I always post shots of my pretty lattes from various coffee shops around Los Angeles/Orange County (one of these days I’ll share a list with you all!), but I’ll neglect to mention exactly where I got that delightful latte. That ends today! Nah, I’ll probably forget again – forgive me. At least I remembered this time!

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Victoria Beach

I first learned about Victoria Beach on good ol’ Pinterest. There I was, just browsing through my feed, when I came across the most dreamy aerial shot of a circular tide pool. It was so perfect-looking that I was convinced it was photoshopped. After some internet sleuthing, I discovered the tide pool was in fact real and located in Laguna Beach (at Victoria Beach). Of course I had to see this Pinterest wonder in person! As I was planning my trip, I realized yet another item on my travel bucket list, Victoria Beach’s Pirate Tower, was a stone’s throw away from the circular tide pool. Talk about killing two birds with one stone (that’s my last stone metaphor, I promise)! So off I went to Victoria Beach:


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H&M Beauty Sale

I went to my local H&M recently, and almost all of their beauty section was on sale! My guess is that they were clearing out the shelves for some new inventory, or perhaps these products weren’t selling. Either way, I came at the right time! And guess what? I only paid around $3 for all of this:


Total score.

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