SoCal Roundup – Unique Pit Stops

Now that I’ve shared a bunch of photogenic spaces that are perfect for the ‘gram (see my last post), I gotta add some unique outdoor oddities and road trip pit stops in Southern California. Some of these places are in the desert, some are in Los Angeles, and some are in Orange County. But all are worth the trek – even if only to take some pictures!


Like this interesting outdoor installation at Newport Beach Civic Center. Bunnies!

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SoCal Roundup – Photogenic Spaces

A few months ago, I was reading this article and thought to myself, “OMG this is totally true”. To sum things up – what you’re seeing more of these days are eateries (and also retail stores) that create photogenic spaces as a means to build their brand aesthetic, and perhaps more importantly, provide a spot to take that Insta-worthy shot. In other words, free PR! I’m talking neon word signs, murals on the wall or even a unique wallpaper design…anything that provides a perfect backdrop for that Instagram shot. Some may hate this kitsch, but I find it brilliant and fun. So I’ve listed a few places in L.A./Orange County that you gotta visit if you’re into pretty spaces too!


Case in point: this “gimme some sugar” neon sign at Paciugo Gelato in Hermosa Beach.

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SoCal Roundup – Street Art

Perhaps one of my favorite things about Los Angeles is the abundance of street art! I didn’t see this when I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Of course, some L.A. neighborhoods are more artsy than others, but I am always stumbling across some downright beautiful works of art while out and about. I’ve listed a bunch of my favorites below!


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SoCal Roundup – Museums

Someone asked me recently what I like about Los Angeles (as opposed to San Francisco). Truthfully, I love both cities. But given that I’ve lived in L.A. for over three years, I thought I’d answer my friend’s question by listing my favorite spots in Southern California. Let’s kick off my SoCal roundup week with the best museums I’ve visited in the L.A./O.C. area (because Orange County deserves some love too)!


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Juan Pollo McDonald’s Museum (Part I)

I’m rarely in the San Bernardino area. However, last time I was there, I had to visit the site of the original (very first ever!) McDonald’s. The actual restaurant isn’t there anymore, but in its place is a museum with a bunch of vintage McDonald’s memorabilia. I’ll share some photos from inside the museum later! First let’s take a look at the exterior property – lots to see outside.


I had to grab a coffee from you know where before heading over to the McDonald’s museum. Duh!

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