Weekend Snaps

Happy belated Saint Patrick’s Day! Yet another busy weekend around these parts. Speaking of Saint Patrick’s Day, take a look at how I “celebrated” last year (spoiler: it involved a bunch of sweets). And hey! More green:


Cucumber & sage facial cleansing towelettes from Burt’s Bees.

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California Dreaming Mural


I’ve driven down La Cienega countless times, yet never notice the buildings I pass along the way. LOL I guess this means I’m a focused driver? Well if you’re an Angeleno with tunnel vision like me, then you’ll likely have missed this mural on La Cienega as well. You can see it from the road, but it’s a bit tucked away – located at Chinese Laundry’s HQ in Culver City (read more info here).

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Aquarium of the Pacific

A few months ago, I did this 5k run in Long Beach. Side note: I love doing these runs because of all the free swag you get for participating! Plus, some portion of the registration fee usually goes to a charity or good cause. And of course – it’s great exercise! Anyway, one of the freebies I scored from this particular run was a $5 admission coupon for the Aquarium of the Pacific. Adult tickets run around $30 so I had to take advantage of that voucher! Here are some pictures from my visit:


I wasn’t lying about that $5 admission! Total score.

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