Weekend Snaps

Whew! I’m finally back from Greece and while it was so much fun, nothing beats sleeping in your own bed. This weekend I’m going through photos (I took over a thousand – don’t judge me!), doing a ton of laundry and attempting to adjust back to PST. I can’t wait to share my trip with y’all but in the meantime, here’s a glimpse of things around here:


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KCON Goodies

As mentioned in my last post, I got a bunch of freebies when I attended KCON last month. If I had to do it all over again, I would consider going to less panels and spending more time on the floor (shopping)! But I learned a ton in those panels and as you’ll see in the following photos, was still able to snag a good deal of stuff in my free time. So I have no regrets! Now let’s dive in…


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KCON LA 2017

[Via Giphy]

Annyeong! Haha, any Arrested Development fans out there??ย Best show ever. Anyway, hello (annyeong) everyone! I recently went to KCON LA and had a blast. For those who don’t know, KCON is a three-day convention for “all things Hallyu” (as per their website). I’m obsessed with K-beauty and into K-pop as well, so I was thrilled to attend KCON this year.ย Here are a few tidbits from my day at the conference.

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K-Beauty Haul

Long time no see! I’m still basking in the amazingness that is Greece (this has seriously been the best vacation I’ve ever taken), although I still have a few things to share before I return. Like my experience at KCON a couple weeks ago! More on that later. But first, I wanted to share a recent K-beauty haul with you all (lol that rhymed).

As mentioned here, I have a friend who is also obsessed with K-beauty. She might even be worse than I am when it comes to spending $ on skincare! Thankfully, she is more than happy to share the wealth (you can see all the freebies she gave me in that previous post). And here’s yet another bunch of goodies she gifted me:


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