Love the name, LOL. My friend got me this (SPF 30!) lip balm. I thought I’d share because a) it’s a great product, and b) BITCHSTIX is an ethical company. More on that in a bit!

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H&M Beauty Sale

I went to my local H&M recently, and almost all of their beauty section was on sale! My guess is that they were clearing out the shelves for some new inventory, or perhaps these products weren’t selling. Either way, I came at the right time! And guess what? I only paid around $3 for all of this:


Total score.

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Weekend Snaps

Happy Saturday! I’ll be at the L.A. Travel & Adventure Show this weekend, thanks to Gate 1 Travel. I’m pretty excited. There’s going to be a bunch of interesting panels with travel experts like Rick Steves and Samantha Brown. And of course, some giveaways (I already have my eye on a Danube river cruise for two…but I’m going to enter as many contests as I can)! Should be fun. That aside, it’s just a normal weekend around here:


Ohlolly is so cute. This is the kind of personal touch that keeps customers coming back! (Oh, and I’ll share what I purchased soon).

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