Weekend Snaps

Alright – time to take another break from all these Greece photos! After the weekend, I’ll share a bit from our stop in Olympia. Lots of ancient ruins up next. For now, here’s a look at things around here:


Love the wall art at Main Squeeze in Fountain Valley.

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Europa Hotel

While I loved the Royal Olympic Hotel in Athens for many reasons (mainly its convenient location close to the Plaka), this stay at Europa Hotel in Olympia was my favorite of the whole trip. It’s tucked away in a little town up in the hills, so the view is amazing! Overall, I could sum up the hotel in one word: charming. On the first night, I enjoyed a sunset swim at their pool, surrounded by rose bushes and lemon trees. Divine.


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Initially when I booked this Greece trip, I regretted not including a stop at one of the islands. After all, when most people think of Greece, they picture someplace like Santorini or Mykonos (seriously, do a Google Image search if you’re unfamiliar and you’ll be amazed).

Anyway, I had slight buyer’s remorse: should I have tacked on a stop in the Greek Isles before my return flight to the U.S.? I do LOVE the water. But my regret immediately subsided the moment I touched down in Athens – I was just happy to be there! Plus, we were able to fit in day trips to a couple beach towns on the mainland, so I got my ocean fix. Here’s the first seaside town we visited: Nafplio.


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Well folks, I’mΒ finally starting to go through the many photos I took while on vacation. I must say that out of all the countries I’ve been to, Greece was hands down my favorite. The food was fantastic (I’ve always LOVED Greek food!) and the people were so lovely and warm. Sigh – I miss it already. But let’s relive it through some photos!


They covered my Amsterdam stamp from a couple years ago, lol.

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Cheesy Tots

Here I am trying yet another limited-time-only fast food item. This curiosity of mine is leading me down an unhealthy road, lol.

Now I can’t recall where I read about Burger King’s Cheesy Tots, but they’re back (I didn’t even know they were a thing before) at participating locations. Oh and in case the name didn’t give it away – they’re just tater tots with cheese inside. So yea, they were delicious.


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