Latte Art of the Day



Cinnabon Cookie BonBites

December 4th is National Cookie Day. Did you guys know that? I certainly didn’t. How did I find out? I saw a news release about these Cookie BonBites from Cinnabon, which debuted last week on National Cookie Day.

You’re probably wondering what a Cookie BonBite is. I was curious too. It’s basically if a cookie and a cinnamon roll had a baby. Or if a cookie was pregnant with a cinnamon roll? LOL it’s just a mini cinnamon roll enveloped in a chocolate chip cookie, and duh I had to try it.


Free fairlife milk for coming in on National Cookie Day!

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Weekend Snaps + Holiday Shopping Tips

Well folks, Thanksgiving weekend is nearly over…let the holiday madness begin! It’s crazy how Black Friday deals keep starting earlier each year. Given that tomorrow is Cyber Monday, let’s talk holiday shopping! That is, after I share some tidbits from my weekend thus far:


Look at this ridiculousness (I mean that in the best way). No, it’s not ice cream; it’s cookie dough (sans eggs) from California Cookie Dough in Fountain Valley.

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