SoCal Roundup – Races & Runs

I hate running. It’s the worst! I wish I enjoyed it, but I don’t. However, I do love to participate in short races (I’m talking about 5ks and 10ks). You usually get a bunch of free goodies, you can exercise with your buddies, and your registration fee often goes to a charitable cause. So I power through my dislike for running whenever I do these races! Luckily, L.A. has a TON of really fun runs, and I’ve listed my favorites below for you short-distance runners!


Receiving a pretty medal once you cross the finish line doesn’t hurt either!

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SoCal Roundup – Museums

Someone asked me recently what I like about Los Angeles (as opposed to San Francisco). Truthfully, I love both cities. But given that I’ve lived in L.A. for over three years, I thought I’d answer my friend’s question by listing my favorite spots in Southern California. Let’s kick off my SoCal roundup week with the best museums I’ve visited in the L.A./O.C. area (because Orange County deserves some love too)!


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Aquarium of the Pacific

A few months ago, I did this 5k run in Long Beach. Side note: I love doing these runs because of all the free swag you get for participating! Plus, some portion of the registration fee usually goes to a charity or good cause. And of course – it’s great exercise! Anyway, one of the freebies I scored from this particular run was a $5 admission coupon for the Aquarium of the Pacific. Adult tickets run around $30 so I had to take advantage of that voucher! Here are some pictures from my visit:


I wasn’t lying about that $5 admission! Total score.

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KCON LA 2017

[Via Giphy]

Annyeong! Haha, any Arrested Development fans out there?? Best show ever. Anyway, hello (annyeong) everyone! I recently went to KCON LA and had a blast. For those who don’t know, KCON is a three-day convention for “all things Hallyu” (as per their website). I’m obsessed with K-beauty and into K-pop as well, so I was thrilled to attend KCON this year. Here are a few tidbits from my day at the conference.

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