New In – Heimish All Clean Balm

I must confess: up until this summer, I never double cleansed. Yes – I was one of those fools who thought, “my skin is already oily so I don’t need more oil”. Wrong!

While at KCON a few months ago, I attended a panel with multiple K-beauty experts (including Charlotte Cho, founder of Soko Glam). Charlotte basically dispelled the common misconception that double cleansing is unnecessary. All skin types, even oily, will benefit from a double cleanse. But you guys probably knew that. I’m definitely late to the game on this one!

Here’s the first cleansing balm I ever tried, and it’s a GREAT one. My friend gave me a sample to try out ages ago (as seen here). After basically falling in love after first use, I knew I had to order the full-size:


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Weekend Snaps + Holiday Shopping Tips

Well folks, Thanksgiving weekend is nearly over…let the holiday madness begin! It’s crazy how Black Friday deals keep starting earlier each year. Given that tomorrow is Cyber Monday, let’s talk holiday shopping! That is, after I share some tidbits from my weekend thus far:


Look at this ridiculousness (I mean that in the best way). No, it’s not ice cream; it’s cookie dough (sans eggs) from California Cookie Dough in Fountain Valley.

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Weekend Snaps

Heyyy. Good news: I’m nearly done going through all the pictures I took in Greece. We’re in the double-digits now, which is great considering I snapped over a thousand photos. Yikes. Anyway, the end is in sight and I’m a little sad! It’s been fun to relive my vacation with you all.

Before I share the wonderful hotel we stayed at in Delphi, let’s have another quick weekend break. I’ve been pretty lazy thus far, not going to lie! Someone sent me these mini lilikoi/lemon bars from Hawaii (they are made by a company called Kapuakea Products), and I have been demolishing them:


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