Victoria Beach

I first learned about Victoria Beach on good ol’ Pinterest. There I was, just browsing through my feed, when I came across the most dreamy aerial shot of a circular tide pool. It was so perfect-looking that I was convinced it was photoshopped. After some internet sleuthing, I discovered the tide pool was in fact real and located in Laguna Beach (at Victoria Beach). Of course I had to see this Pinterest wonder in person! As I was planning my trip, I realized yet another item on my travel bucket list, Victoria Beach’s Pirate Tower, was a stone’s throw away from the circular tide pool. Talk about killing two birds with one stone (that’s my last stone metaphor, I promise)! So off I went to Victoria Beach:


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Arlington Garden

I came across this adorable garden while in Pasadena not too long ago. It’s smack dab in the middle of a residential area, so there’s plenty of street parking. Unfortunately, it was rather overcast when I visited…but the garden was beautiful nonetheless!


That bow, LOL. I wonder who put it there.

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Hemet Maze Stone

Way out in the boonies lies a solitary rock surrounded by metal fencing – a California Historical Landmark called the Hemet Maze Stone. I first learned about it on Atlas Obscura, and had to check out this desert oddity. After getting off the highway and driving through a residential area for a few minutes, you’ll eventually hit the end of the road. This is where the adventure begins.


I’m totally being dramatic. But yea, once you reach the end of the road, park your car and get ready to walk. You’ll see this sign at the entrance (you just can’t drive in). It will take at most 5 minutes to reach the Maze Stone, depending on how good you are at inclines. It’s gradual, but still slightly steep…so you can take your time and enjoy the view.

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Aquarium of the Pacific

A few months ago, I did this 5k run in Long Beach. Side note: I love doing these runs because of all the free swag you get for participating! Plus, some portion of the registration fee usually goes to a charity or good cause. And of course – it’s great exercise! Anyway, one of the freebies I scored from this particular run was a $5 admission coupon for the Aquarium of the Pacific. Adult tickets run around $30 so I had to take advantage of that voucher! Here are some pictures from my visit:


I wasn’t lying about that $5 admission! Total score.

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Weekend Snaps

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling pretty refreshed thus far in 2018! Perhaps it’s the new year. I’m suddenly all about cleansing, whether it be finally ditching clothes I haven’t worn in years or getting rid of some dead weight in my life. I guess we all do a little purge around the beginning of the year, right? Anyway, I’ll still continue to take pleasure in the little things…like this picture-perfect rose that bloomed seemingly overnight in my aunt’s garden:


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