OMG you guys, I was so excited to check out the Archaeological Site of Olympia! Why?? It’s where the first Olympic Games were held. Wayyy back in the day. So it’s no surprise that this place is yet another one of Greece’s World Heritage treasures.


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National Garden of Athens

If you’ve visited my blog before, you might’ve noticed that I love to visit gardens (like these: one // two // three). Flowers are just so photogenic!

Of course, when I was researching things to do in Athens, I came across the National Garden and immediately added it to my must-see list. I heard locals go running here, and I even saw a bunch of people enjoying their picnic lunches in the sun. If I lived in Athens, I’d probably do the same!


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Well folks, I’mΒ finally starting to go through the many photos I took while on vacation. I must say that out of all the countries I’ve been to, Greece was hands down my favorite. The food was fantastic (I’ve always LOVED Greek food!) and the people were so lovely and warm. Sigh – I miss it already. But let’s relive it through some photos!


They covered my Amsterdam stamp from a couple years ago, lol.

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