Blue Butterfly Coffee Co.

El Segundo has a bunch of great eateries, but I think I found my favorite cafe in the area. It’s called Blue Butterfly Coffee Co. They have a lovely outdoor seating area/patio, where I sipped on my drink (while checking some emails). I gotta go back!


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Handprint Alley

I went to grab coffee in El Segundo and came across this mural on my way back to the car. It’s quite easy to miss (the mural is located in a skinny alley smack dab in between two storefronts). Kind of a little hidden gem in El Segundo, if you ask me!


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Juan Pollo McDonald’s Museum (Part I)

I’m rarely in the San Bernardino area. However, last time I was there, I had to visit the site of the original (very first ever!) McDonald’s. The actual restaurant isn’t there anymore, but in its place is a museum with a bunch of vintage McDonald’s memorabilia. I’ll share some photos from inside the museum later! First let’s take a look at the exterior property – lots to see outside.


I had to grab a coffee from you know where before heading over to the McDonald’s museum. Duh!

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Victoria Beach

I first learned about Victoria Beach on good ol’ Pinterest. There I was, just browsing through my feed, when I came across the most dreamy aerial shot of a circular tide pool. It was so perfect-looking that I was convinced it was photoshopped. After some internet sleuthing, I discovered the tide pool was in fact real and located in Laguna Beach (at Victoria Beach). Of course I had to see this Pinterest wonder in person! As I was planning my trip, I realized yet another item on my travel bucket list, Victoria Beach’s Pirate Tower, was a stone’s throw away from the circular tide pool. Talk about killing two birds with one stone (that’s my last stone metaphor, I promise)! So off I went to Victoria Beach:


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