Weekend Snaps

Wow, Christmas is in ONE week. Where has the time gone? I haven’t started wrapping presents yet, so that will probably be on the agenda this weekend. That, and treating myself to some good eats as per usual:


Loaded “King Fries” from Great Steak. #treatyoself

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Weekend Snaps + Holiday Shopping Tips

Well folks, Thanksgiving weekend is nearly over…let the holiday madness begin! It’s crazy how Black Friday deals keep starting earlier each year. Given that tomorrow is Cyber Monday, let’s talk holiday shopping! That is, after I share some tidbits from my weekend thus far:


Look at this ridiculousness (I mean that in the best way). No, it’s not ice cream; it’s cookie dough (sans eggs) from California Cookie Dough in Fountain Valley.

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Zurich Observation Deck

While chatting with another American I met in Greece, we got to talking about our flights back to The States. I told her I had a quick layover in Zürich, Switzerland (from Athens) before the long flight back to California. Now when I say “quick” layover, I mean quick: I would barely have enough time to get through customs before heading to the gate for my next flight. And I don’t know about you, but I always get nervous to navigate an unfamiliar airport – especially one in a foreign country.

But my fellow American assured me that Zürich Airport was clean and perhaps most importantly, well organized (in terms of their international arrival process). She added, “too bad you don’t have more time there; you could check out the observation deck”. It sounded neat, but I wouldn’t have had enough time to visit the observation deck anyway.

Fast-forward to the day I left Greece. My flight out of Athens? Seamless. But when I touched down in Zürich, I found out my flight back to California was majorly delayed. Long story short: I went from having barely enough time to go through customs to having something like a four-hour delay. Since it turned out that I had a TON of time to kill, I ended up checking out that observation deck! The universe works in mysterious ways, right?

Anyway, of course I took pictures while exploring the deck. I think there’s another observation point at the airport, but the one I went to is Passenger Terrace Deck E in the international terminal area.


Welcome to Zürich!

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Efharisto, Greece

Efharisto: one of the first words I learned in Greece (it means “thank you”). I know – I probably should’ve studied some Greek phrases before arriving, but better late than never! As I look back on my time in this beautiful country, I can’t begin to express my gratitude. Everyone I met was SO warm and lovely.

Case in point: a lady we met in Athens invited us over to her house out in the countryside, where her family cooked an amazing lunch. Then I started to get teary-eyed while hugging her goodbye! She felt like my Greek grandma by the end of that lunch. And we’d only known her for maybe 24 hours. I’ll never forget that day.

In summary, Greece was hands down my favorite country I’ve ever been to – not just because of the food (which was delicious) or the scenery (those ancient sites are breathtaking), but because of the wonderful people. So efharisto, Greece! I’m sure I’ll be back.


A relaxing afternoon in Itea.

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