New Sheet Masks

It hasn’t been long since my last sheet mask haul (as seen here), but a girl’s gotta stock up! Here are a bunch of new sheet masks I’ve acquired recently:


Can’t go wrong with some TonyMoly.

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Home of the Beach Boys

After I visited the Hemet Maze Stone, I wanted to see what other California Historical Landmarks were out there. Curious too? Here’s a list of the landmarks in Los Angeles County alone. Which brings us to Historical Landmark No. 1041: Site of the Childhood Home of the Beach Boys.


Don’t get too excited – it’s just a plaque. LOL

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Pop-Tarts® for Breakfast

…or dessert. Because really, Pop-Tarts® are a total sugarfest. When I was little, my mom wouldn’t let us have Pop-Tarts® with icing on top (just the plain ones) because it was too much sugar. We grumbled about it at the time, but I’m glad she forced some healthy habits on us.


Well now that I’m an adult, I can eat all the sugary “breakfast” foods I want! Just kidding. But I’ve mentioned before that I love to try limited-time-only foods, so I was intrigued when I found out that the folks behind Pop-Tarts® (Kellogg’s, in fact) roll out special flavors every once in a while. I had to try a couple of them!

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Weekend Snaps

Happy Saturday! I’ll be at the L.A. Travel & Adventure Show this weekend, thanks to Gate 1 Travel. I’m pretty excited. There’s going to be a bunch of interesting panels with travel experts like Rick Steves and Samantha Brown. And of course, some giveaways (I already have my eye on a Danube river cruise for two…but I’m going to enter as many contests as I can)! Should be fun. That aside, it’s just a normal weekend around here:


Ohlolly is so cute. This is the kind of personal touch that keeps customers coming back! (Oh, and I’ll share what I purchased soon).

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