Corinth Canal

On our drive from Athens to Mycenae, we had a brief stop in Corinth. The perfect place to take some photos is the Isthmus Bridge (which overlooks the Corinth Canal). We were only there for about 15 minutes, but it was definitely worth the detour. I almost forgot about my fear of heights as I was watching the boats pass through!


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Temple of Olympian Zeus

One of the first things I noticed when I arrived in Athens was the Olympieion, a.k.a. the Temple of Olympian Zeus. In fact, we could see the Olympieion from the rooftop terrace of our hotel (the Royal Olympic). We really lucked out with this hotel, as it was in a great location and also had a sweeping view of the city. I’ll share some photos from the Royal Olympic in a bit.

Back to the Olympieion! It’s right next to the Arch of Hadrian, and you have to pay to get in (unless you want to zoom in with your camera through the holes in the fence). There’s not a ton to see, but the entrance fee was only โ‚ฌ6. To me, it was worth the money in order to see the Olympieion up close. It’s huge!


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Arch of Hadrian

One big reason Iย loved Athens? You don’t have to go far to see ancient ruins. Like you can grab a coffee and then walk across the street to see an excavation site of ancient Roman baths. There’s something neat about seeing a structure that is so old smack-dab in the middle of a bustling city!

And that’s definitely the case with Hadrian’s Gate, a.k.a. the Arch of Hadrian. It’s right next to the Temple of Olympian Zeus (more on that later), and both are just a stone’s throw away from the Plaka shopping/dining area.

Here’s the stately arch in all its glory:


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National Garden of Athens

If you’ve visited my blog before, you might’ve noticed that I love to visit gardens (like these: one // two // three). Flowers are just so photogenic!

Of course, when I was researching things to do in Athens, I came across the National Garden and immediately added it to my must-see list. I heard locals go running here, and I even saw a bunch of people enjoying their picnic lunches in the sun. If I lived in Athens, I’d probably do the same!


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